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Bayside Water and Wastewater Improvements - City of Panama City Beach (CEI Services)




City of Panama City Beach 
Bayside Subdivision
Water and Wastewater Improvements
(Project Management/CEI Services) 

The Bayside Water and Wastewater Improvements project included the replacement of the water distribution and sewer collection system within the entire Bayside Subdivision in Panama City Beach, Florida. This project was funded by the City of Panama City Beach and consisted of the installation of approximately 10,815 linear feet of 10-inch polyvinyl chloride (PVC) water main, 21 fire hydrants, 328 new 1-inch service lines, 9,115 linear feet of 8-inch gravity sewer main, 44 gravity sewer manholes, 295 new 4-inch sewer laterals, 40 linear feet of 2-inch force main, 1,360 linear feet of 4-inch force main, 1,405 linear feet of 6-inch force main, and 2 wastewater pump stations and all appurtenances.


Anchor was responsible for all EEO compliance, construction administration, and construction inspection for this project.